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Feng Shui Pixiu Mani Mantra Protection Wealth Ring

Attract good fortune and wealth today with this limited edition Feng Shui Pixiu Mani Mantra Protection Wealth Ring. This fully-adjustable ring is crafted to perfection to help its wearing get the full benefits of both Pixiu and Mani Mantra


🐲 Pixiu - Chinese Celestial Animal of Wealth 🐲

Pixiu is a Chinese celestial animal that has the head of a Dragon, body of a horse, foot of a Qilin, and a horn of a deer. According to ancient Chinese mythology, the Pixiu only eats gold, silver and other treasures. When the Jade Emperor decided to seal its anus, all the treasures that the Pixiu has eaten accumulated in its belly - never to come out again.

The Pixiu is a symbol for money, wealth, gold and silver. Wearing the Pixiu allows the wearer to accumulate massive amounts of wealth and gold - which is why it is a popular figure for attracting money.

🕉️ Mani Mantra - Path To Happiness, Luck and Good Fortune 🕉️

Also known as the six-syllabled Sanskrit mantra Om Mani Padme Hum, this mantra is believed to help its wearer obtain wealth, happiness, good fortune and luck.
✔️ OM (ohm) purifies  EGO - Recited at the start of many mantras. it concentrates the mind helping you transform impure body, speech and mind. Color -White
✔️   MA  (mah) purifies   JEALOUSY  - The “ma” sound is intended to release jealousy, attachment and symbolizes compassion and ethics. Color - Green
✔️   NI  (nee) purifies   PASSION  - The “ni” intended to cultivate self-compassion and patience as we release desires. Color - Yellow
✔️   PAD  (pahd) purifies   IGNORANCE  - “Pad,” releases judgments and prejudices that we hold. It symbolizes equality and diligence. Color - Blue
✔️   ME  (meh) purifies   GREED  - Establishes bliss and increases our concentration as we release judgments towards others. Color- Red.
✔️   HUM  (hum):purifies   HATRED  - “Hum” is said to be used to cultivate a sense of inner wisdom, while releasing thoughts of hatred or aggression. Color - Black

Product Details 

  • Ring size: Adjustable
  • Ring width: 8MM
  • Material: Silver or Copper
Limited Quantities Available
Our Feng Shui Pixiu Mani Mantra Protection Wealth Ring combines both the most sought-after qualities of the Pixiu and Mani Mantra. By wearing this ring, you will be able to attract not just wealth but also good luck, happiness and fortune.

Countless entrepreneurs and businessmen have already worn this ring and reaped its benefits. This is the perfect gift for your loved ones, family and friends!

This is a LIMITED PRODUCT. Consider getting a set.

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