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New beginnings and growth Bracelet

When life is telling you to trust, it might have something new for you. Moonstone exudes a vitality that allows you to feel re-energized. It’s strength is known to enhance intuition and inspire success in all avenues of your life. 

Moonstone is as mystical as its name. It’s a crystal that’s perfect for new beginnings and growth. You’ll channel sensitivity and hope with Moonstone. It’s a symbol as old as the moon itself with ample energy for everyone to harness if they’re willing. 

Affirmation: Use protective mantras such as “ I trust and I know my inner strength will show me the way” to enhance the effects.

Product details:

  • Material:   Moonstone 
  • Band type: Elastic


  • Bead size:  0.39 in (8 mm)
  • Bracelet length: 20 cm

Since the bracelet is made from natural stones, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique

Use it as a protection to show you the way for your new beginnings.