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Silver Larimar Necklace


The heavenly beauty of the sky and the mysteries of the sea are perfectly seized in this stunning  Silver Larimar Necklace. Accented with a cushion-cut  Larimar gemstone, followed by a mesmerizing blue topaz, and topped with a freshwater pearl, this necklace will surely make a lasting impression. Classic, timeless, yet so unique, just like you.

The mysteries of the sea are captured in Larimar’s essence, as the soothing shades of blue resemble the horizon of the Caribbean, where the waters meet the sky. White streaks of the  Larimar stone look like rays of light, dancing on the water’s surface, inviting one to bathe in the calmness that a relaxing seaside holiday is known for.

Relive those unforgettable beach memories as you get charmed by this breathtaking holiday spirit memento, and carry a little piece of the ocean with you at all times. We promise: the compliments will never stop coming!


Silver Larimar Pendant



The   Larimar stone  used in each piece has its own pattern and contains different hues, varying from light blue to blue-green, making each and every necklace totally unique. As a result, the   Larimar  on your piece of the jewelry can look slightly different than the ones seen in the pictures of the product description. We consider these gemstones a true gift from nature, and the variation of each piece is exactly what makes these necklaces one-of-a-kind. All of our   Larimar  Jewelry is highly polished until only the very best of each gemstone is brought to the surface.

Larimar Silver Pendant


Larimar stone, a mineral  Pectolite, one of the rarest gemstones in the world, can be found only in one location: the region of Barahona, in the south-west of the Dominican Republic. Known for its breathtaking blue color, this gemstone is often considered to symbolize the essence of the Caribbean Sea.

Larimar’s origin story is just as puzzling as the stone itself: many believe that the gemstone is connected to the sunken continent of Atlantis, therefore, sometimes it is called The Atlantis Stone.  Edgar Cayce, ’’The Sleeping Prophet’’ (1877-1945), indicated that part of Atlantis could be found in the Caribbean. In his words, ‘’one would find a blue stone with extraordinary  healing attributes’’, a description that perfectly describes the  Larimar.

Silver Larimar Pendant

What’s more interesting - the  gemstone was discovered less than a hundred years after the prophet foretold its existence: in 1974, a Dominican man called  Miguel Méndez found some pieces of  Larimar on the seashore. He was the one who named this beautiful  gemstone by combining his daughter’s name  Larissa  with the Spanish word for the sea,  Mar . The stunning and charming  Blue Larimar is also known by many other names: The  Dolphin Stone, The  Stefilia’s Stone, The  Blue Pectolite, The  Mermaid Stone and The  Lucky Stone.

Silver Larimar Earrings


Larimar is a  crystal of serenity, promoting  relaxation in every aspect. It’s a true symbol of the tranquil Sea and Sky energies. Some believe that gazing into the sea-like patterns of the stone helps to  balance and  calm  down one’s inner tides.

Blue Larimar is said to be a  highly spiritual stone. It  softensenlightens and  heals in a  physicalemotionalmental and  spiritual way. It represents  peaceclarity, and  love radiating from within.

As a soothing  Water element stoneLarimar cools hot tempers and guides strong passion into peace. It helps us to view our daily events from a different, more positive perspective, as it dulls the negative effects of hurt,  depression, the  pain of lossguilt and everyday  stress. It can also help battle  anxiety and  self-doubt.

Blue Larimar’s vibrations teach how to  respectlove and nurture oneself, and are incredibly  powerful against  hurtful behavior. This beautiful  stone shares inner peace and helps one remain  calm and  relaxed when dramatic changes take place in life.

Also,  Larimar  gemstone is believed to attract more blessings and  positive energy towards its wearer. It can  increase intuitionremove energy blockagespromote a soothing and  relaxing environmentencourage nurturingcreativity and deepen the  understanding of oneself.

Larimar  necklace is believed to be incredibly  helpful at  stimulating the  Throat Chakra, thus providing the power of clear communication and the  emotional strength and  stability that enables one to speak from the depths of one’s heart. It will  aid you in speaking your truth to others and help you set up and communicate your personal boundaries to others in a  calm and  peaceful way. For this reason,  Larimar is an ideal  gemstone for anyone suffering from  PTSD or past  trauma.

On top of that,  Larimar works effectively well within all of the other  Chakras too: from the  Heart Chakra to the  Crown Chakra, including the  Higher Heart (which aids compassion). If the  heart chakra is out of balance you may have sudden bursts of anger, jealousy or may have a tendency to blame others for any issues that arise in your personal life.

You might need constant confirmation of your self-worth, have a tendency to feel unloved, or lack compassion for others. With this stone in hand, you are able to connect the  lower chakras with the  higher chakras to achieve a  perfect balance. It will  encourage compassion for yourself and others, and  enhance your innate  healing abilities.

If you are a singer, wearing a  Larimar Necklace can  aid you in  enhancing the  quality of your  voice, while  calming any stage frights or performance  anxiety.

Larimar is a  wonderful talisman for mothers, especially during and right after  pregnancy. Many say it  helps to  alleviate the feelings of  postpartum depression, and  brings light to the everyday stress that comes with a new addition to the family.

Those who suffer from hot flashes may find that  Larimar’s cooling  oceanic energy will  absorb the sensation of the heat, thus  alleviating the symptoms and making them much less noticeable.


It is recommended to avoid strong heat and sunlight to prevent color loss. Due to  Larimar’s photosensitive nature, wearing it as jewelry can fade the  gemstone relatively quickly, especially if you spend a lot of time in the sun. If you are wearing a  Larimar Necklace - tuck it under your shirt when you are in the sunlight whenever possible to help it preserve its mesmerizing bright blue color.

Be sure not to use harsh chemicals when you clean your  Larimar jewelry, as they can easily corrode. When cleaning, use only warm water and a mild soap or detergent. Remove all the soapy residues by washing the gemstone very well. You can wipe it down using a soft cloth.

Always remove all  Larimar jewelry before you engage in high-intensity physical activities.

When storing  Larimar gemstones, store them away from other  gems and  jewelry to prevent scratches and fractures.  Larimar is a particularly  soft  gemstone, therefore, it’s important to handle it with care to prevent any marks from appearing! It is best to wrap them in a soft cloth and keep them in a fabric-lined jewelry box.


Stone:  Larimar, Blue Topaz, Fresh Water Pearl
Metal:  100% genuine 925 Sterling Silver
Weight:  0.11 oz
Size:  1.57 inch
Chain Length:  18 inches