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Natural Clear Bath Quartz 20g - Cleansing • Healing • Protection

With so many great benefits to this Quartz you can either surrounding yourself with your Clear Quartz or designed to be used as a   Bath self love  benefits. Run a warm bath with your favorite essential oil and 20g of Clear Quartz. 

Physically, Clear Quartz will cleanse and enhance the organs. It is helpful with vertigo and general pain relief. It balances and stimulates the immune system. When you are in need of a stone to amplify intentions and other crystal energies around it Clear Quartz is the go-to. This makes it ideal to include in grids and for meditation. Try putting it in elixirs and combine it with rose quartz in a bath for soothing and overall healing.

Clear Quartz amplifies and transforms energy. It neutralizes and harmonizes all of the chakras. When you are doing a chakra balance all of the stones are a form of quartz and if you are missing a particular one for a particular chakra substitute Clear Quartz without hesitation. Not enough can be said about this amazing stone. Use it for anything and everything, it is truly the ultimate healer.