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Californian White Sage

Cleanse your surrounding with 50g of Pure leaf Californian White Sage. 

The journal of ethnopharmacology produced a study that found smudging was capable of clearing up to 94% of bacteria over 24 hours. It’s not just the antibacterial properties of herbs like white sage that make it so appealing, though. It may remove dust, pollen, and chemicals from your environment, but one of the main reasons so many people love smudging is because of its ability to enhance mindfulness.

If you’re learning how to smudge sage, this could be one of the benefits you’re hoping to achieve. It works by removing pollutants and negative energy from your immediate surroundings, which leaves you feeling more relaxed and present at the moment.

Think about it, we absorb energy from everywhere we go. If we talk with friends or family, we take on some of their energy – good or bad. This goes for shopkeepers, pedestrians, or even people on the TV. We’re constantly exposing our energy to others and allowing it to be influenced by our surroundings. White sage and other sacred herbs can separate these absorbed energies from your essence through the act of smudging.