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The Cleansing Stone

A great stone for protection against the effects of negativity and stress, Fluorite  clears  the mind, assisting with  lucid  decision-making. Perfectly polished,  The Cleansing Stone  makes a great centerpiece for the living room or a beautiful source of  inspiration  for your workstation.

Fluorite  has many benefits that make it more than suitable for a spot in your home. Its powerful energy is known to  enhance self-confidence , creating a more  self-assured  environment. It’s considered a brilliant stone to assist with  learning  new things, such as languages. It encourages  positivity  and  stabilizes  the mind, body, and spirit, bringing  balance  to a busy life.

The stone has  immense purifying   qualities  and  cleanses   the   aura  of any room that it’s placed in. Leave it in your living room to create a  joyful  environment to be in. It plucks negativity from the air and disintegrates it. It can help with mental blocks or if you can’t seem to process new information. Meditating with Fluorite provides  energizing  waves of  clarity  that  refresh  and  revitalize  the stressed mind.

How To Use  The Cleansing Stone ?

  • Fluorite makes a great   gratitude  stone. Hold it in your hands before bed and think back on all of the things you are   grateful  for from the previous day. Try to select the one you are most   thankful  for. In the process, you’ll go through several different   positive  memories. This will cause you to   radiate positivity, and that will interact with the   vibrant  energy of the crystal and completely reshape your, and the room’s, aura.
  • It’s also a great stone for meditation. Place in front of your yoga mat to reach   deep   inside   yourself  and   liberate   yourself  from stressful thoughts. It helps sharpen   awareness  that will carry over into daily life.
Use  The Cleansing Stone  to elevate the energy of you and your home.

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