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30g Rose Quartz - Attraction • Relationship • Intimacy

Perfect for either surrounding yourself with the beautiful Rose Quartz or designed to be used as a Bath self love benefits. Run a warm bath with your favorite essential oil and 30g of Rose Quartz. 

It’s the ultimate stone of unconditional love, nurturing, and forgiveness, and has a strong feminine vibe and symbolism. As such, it’s a beautiful gemstone for women and those who wish to get in touch with their tender and softer sides. It's also a support stone for professional beauty consultants.

Rose quartz embodies the energy of love — not only romantic love, but also love for yourself, others, and every being in the world. It highlights the value of this emotion and how opening your heart is the way to achieve inner peace and contentment. This crystal inspires us to acknowledge and treasure the beauty within ourselves and around us, as well as those things that stimulate imagination like art, the written word, and music.

Many believe that placing rose quartz on the stomach during pregnancy promotes healthy gestation for both mother and baby. Some women even keep it nearby when giving birth as a way to ease the delivery process and support a quick recovery. It’s also said to provide comfort during postpartum struggles and sexual difficulties that may arise after having a child.

Rose quartz is cool to the touch, making it an excellent tool for numerous skin issues. Slowly rub a tumbled stone or palm stone over a burn to soothe the pain and prevent blistering, or make a rose quartz crystal elixir and apply topically to the affected area. 

Emotional healing. 

By carrying this soothing pink crystal, many believe they are attracting love, intimacy, and romance into their lives, as well as meaningful relationships that will enrich their soul. Rose quartz can help you develop closer bonds with your partner, friends, and family. It’s also a great gemstone to stimulate connections within a community, team, or group. 

Enjoy reconnection with your intimacy with yourself and others.